Light steel keel machine


Light steel keel unit cold forming equipment is a strip as raw material,through the continuous cold rolling forming. The production of complex sections, according to customer requirements and design, manufacture of cold-formed, baking equipment of different specifications. We understand together below keel unit maintenance measures:

1, equipment control into PLC control, with multiple safety protectionduring normal production.

2, the bed is a steel plate weldment. And tempering treatment to eliminate internal stress, deformation, avoid the fuselage.

3, forming frame for cast iron structure, and the tempering treatment.High strength, long service life.

4, the roll material is 40Cr, and the quenching and tempering treatment,the hardness of HB280.

5, mold material for GCr15, quenching, the hardness: HRC56-62degrees C.

6, the transmission structure for gear box. Each forming frame has a light steel keel machine. Can guarantee the roll forming equipment over time,high strength, and long service life.

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